What is the cost of the trip?

        Most trips cost $3600 per person, double occupancy.  However, sometimes shorter trips are offered for less.


What does the cost cover?

       The cost covers roundtrip transportation from Broome County, NY to JFK airport, roundtrip flight, all transportation within the designated country, 3-4 star hotels each night, daily breakfast, all tours/museums/day trips


Is there a difference in cost if I am traveling alone?

     Yes, there is more cost involved for single occupancy.  The exact amount depends on which trip you take.


How much is the deposit and how soon can I pay it?

       Deposit of $1500 is due no later than 9 months prior to the trip.  In order to insure your spot, send it today!    The balance of $2100 is due no later than 4 months prior to the trip.


What should I bring?

       Passport, credit/debit card (make sure you notify the bank and know your pin number) & cash.


Is there much walking?

       I try to keep the distance  we have to walk to about a half of a mile or less.  However, there is lots to see if you love to walk.


What to wear?

     Comfortable shoes, casual clothes.  Most of the churches require at least shoulders covered, some want knees covered too.


Is trip insurance included in the cost?

       No, insurance is optional and up to you to purchase.  I've used TravelGuard (travelguard.com or 1-800-826-4919)


How much luggage can I bring?

       You can bring one carry-on (22"X14"X9") and one check bag (not to exceed 50lbs & not to exceed 62" l+w+h).


What if I take medications?

       Please do not forget your medication!  However, they do need to be in the original bottle with prescription label.


Do you take credit card payments?

    No, we only accept checks for payment at this time.



Any other questions, please email bellaviaggitours@stny.rr.com or call (607)768-3650.